Worship Volunteers & Assistants

Serving this Sunday

Worship Volunteers & Assistants 

WE ARE LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS TO SERVE ON SUNDAYS FOR Assisting Ministers, Altar Guilds, Ushers, Fellowship and Counters. Please contact Josie if you would be interested.

If you are unable to serve as scheduled, please call the church office at 305/444-0425 as soon as possible.

CRUCIFERS & ACOLYTES NEEDED Parents we are in need for more Crucifers & Acolytes, if your child has had first communion and would like to serve on Sundays, please speak Josie or email her at saintmar@bellsouth.net.


1st Sunday –Don Coffman/Dottie Bobbitt
2nd Sunday – Jose Rego and Charlene Grall
3rd Sunday – Don Bickel and Traute Baur
4th Sunday – Miriam Calzadilla/ Pat Price
5th Sunday – Don Bickel and TBA

Thank you for serving for the worship service at St. Mark’s.
Should you have any conflicts with this schedule, please contact Josie in the church office at 305.444.0425 so that other arrangements can be made.

      Serving Next Week, February 26th

           PREACHING: The Rev. Dr. David O. Guss, Fr., Ph.D.

              ALTAR GUILD: Dottie Bobbitt

                                 ASSISTING MINISTER: Yvonne Visser-Guerrero

          COUNTERS: Miriam Calzadilla/Pat Price

                  USHERS: Raul & Miriam Calzadilla